Coconut oil the best natural hydration

Nature gives us everything we need, since we are her children. All hair and skin products feature a diversity of natural products that make up a nutrient formula. What many people do not know is that many nutrients can be used pure, like coconut oil

The oil has vitamin K, vitamin E and iron. They leave the scalp stronger and nourished. For those who have dry hair, it is one of the best options, because it can penetrate the scalp. This is an incredible differential because most oils moisturize only the surface of the hair.

Coconut oil for hair hydration
For the women's nightmare, as double ends, coconut oil is also a great ally. It seals the ends giving a more uniform look to the hair, without the unwanted frizz. In addition, it is responsible for optimal shine and softness.

It is important to tell you that this oil is also one of the most versatile on the market. If your hair is very oily, it is good to pass it before showering and then wash. But if the case is a dry hair, it is ideal to pass the product after the bath, in small amount, as a leave-in. This will make it bright longer. Now, if your desire is to accelerate hair growth, massage the scalp, this stimulates blood flow and increases capillary oxygen.

As you can see, this oil rich in fatty acids is one of the best options when it comes to improving hair health. It is rich in oxidants, and best of all: you can include it being your hair long, short, blonde, tan, red, afro, curly or straight. No segregation!

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Can I use coconut oil together with anything else my hair is super dry and I use coconut
Oil all the time before washing maybe I need to use it also after ? Please help 🤙🤙

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