Learn how to wash your hair properly on a daily basis


Many women wash their hair and can not get them loose and silky at the end of the process as they would like. This may have happened because there was some mistake in the washing process that went wasted. With this post, we aim to help you wash and care for your wires daily so they are always beautiful the way you deserve.

For start, it is important that the water is at not so  warm temperature, so as not to overuse the wires. At the time of shampooing, the amount of product is similar to the size of a coin. Hair should be washed twice: the first time to remove oil and dirt, and the second to take advantage of the benefits and treatment of the product. Attention: the wash should be done by rubbing the fingers at the root, never the nails. The nails can damage the root causing them to have spaces for the entrance of fungi and other bad microorganisms.

After rinsing well, remove all the product and the excess water. If you want to moisturize the wires, the ideal at this point is to use the massage cream. The shampoo opens the cuticle of the hair, leaving it ready to receive the nutrients. Only then comes the conditioner, to close the cuticle. The measure for both products is also that of a "coin" in the palm of the hand.

Those who have the most oily wires should pass the cream just on the tips. For curly hair that is usually drier, it should spread throughout the length and the remaining residue on the hand can be put on the parts closest to the scalp to help contain the frizz. The ideal is to pass the conditioner and let it act for 2 minutes, then pass cold water.

Some hairs still need a leave-in or combing cream at the end of the process. With damp hair, place a small amount of the cream on the palm of the hand and apply about halfway down the wires, kneading the curls with your hands, from the bottom up. Another suggestion is to comb with your fingers. The product will help in clearance and prevent breakage. It is not necessary to rinse.

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